michael wallinger

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kein raum


of fame







videoinstallation – transmedia
Video: HD, 52:26 min (loop)
148,5 x 148,5 x 240 cm

@Format (*.strk) – 2020, Vienna

in cooperation with:
Format (*.strk)

supported by:
Stadt Wien Kultur
Bundeskanzleramt Österreich
Kunstverein Format (*.strk)

Facial patterns are transforming constantly between the alienated, the uncanny and the familiar on a two-way mirror converted into a display. The transforming facial patterns are “incorrect” interpretations of artificial neural networks, resulting from an autoencoder (AI/ANN) having been trained with a (dirty) dataset of “incorrect” interpretations made by a facial pattern recognition system. For this purpose datasets from encrypted instant messaging groups and channels of Hong Kong‘s protest movements have been mined.

the invisible kiss

videoinstallation – transmedia
Video: HD, 1:54 min (loop)
248 x 143 x 63 cm

@Parallel Vienna – 2018, Vienna
@Format (*.strk) – 2018, Vienna

in cooperation with:
Format (*.strk)

A teleprompter has been adapted into an apparently floating freezer. The video on it shows a 3D-animation of Friedrich August von Hayek\’s face in a recursive kissing movement. This 3D model was generated by a convolutional neural network (CNN) from old interview fragments and then manipulated. The CNN previously got trained with 3D scans and associated video materials. With the help of a face alignment algorithm, it is able to recognize facial alignment and facial expressions and reproduce them as a three-dimensional mesh object. A facial area facing away from the image can be reconstructed by the CNN’s previously trained “knowledge”.

kein raum

Video – HD, 10:31min

The video documentary „Kein Raum“ ( german for „no space“) accompanies an attempt of urban appropriation. The interactive sculpture „W1618x“ was to be set up on a spacious traffic island in Vienna without registration or institutional approval. In the video, the visionary and the given overlap, with the sculpture becoming the supporting architecture that makes the impossible visible.


sculpture – steel, aluminium, shock cord, pvc
345 x 345 x 345 cm

„W1618x“ is an interactive deformable sculpture.
The alledgedly informal interaction deconstructs the existing form in existing harmony. By interlacing the interactions, the form mutates into mutated harmony. The illusion of the new obscures its imperative past.

wertloser raum

sculptural installation – concrete, wood, steel, pvc
275 x 123 x 245 cm

@Europäisches Forum Alpbach – 2016, Alpbach (Tirol)

Europäisches Forum Alpbach
Alois Mayer Bauwaren GmbH

The sculptural installation „Wertloser Raum“ describes a closed space. Its arrangement promises insights that are put off by curated phrases. Communication of its creation process via the EFA internal infrastructure for public relations was of central importance. In this way, a media avatar was created over two weeks. The sculpture thus became the medium of a subtle structuring of perception through directional communication. The recipients‘ interaction integrates them into the process as a reflective component.

1.166.400px of fame

concept for open call
sculptural installation – acrylic, steel, pvc, steel wire
772 x 611 x 266 cm

in cooperation with:
Daria Eameri
Kevin Daryl Ferdinandus
Format (*.strk)

The sculptural installation “1.166.400px of fame” consists of five 150 x 266 cm acrylic glass panels, a central base and four weight anchors. (Water tanks) All elements are coated with two way mirror film. The orientation of the panels refers to a contextualized structure in the center of Graz. Hashtags incorporated into the elements offer themselves as suggestions for a discourse in the social networks and at the same time refer to the mechanics of self-presentation, identity and affirmation in these.