michael wallinger


videoinstallation – transmedia
Video: HD, 52:26 min (loop)
148,5 x 148,5 x 240 cm

@Format (*.strk) – 2020, Vienna

in cooperation with:
Format (*.strk)

supported by:
Stadt Wien Kultur
Bundeskanzleramt Österreich
Kunstverein Format (*.strk)

Facial patterns are transforming constantly between the alienated, the uncanny and the familiar on a two-way mirror converted into a display. The transforming facial patterns are “incorrect” interpretations of artificial neural networks, resulting from an autoencoder (AI/ANN) having been trained with a (dirty) dataset of “incorrect” interpretations made by a facial pattern recognition system. For this purpose datasets from encrypted instant messaging groups and channels of Hong Kong‘s protest movements have been mined.